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Principal's Message

It is with great pleasure that we announce the theme for this year's WELMUN conference,
‘Transcending Conflict to Transforming Conundrum’. This theme aims to encourage each
and every one of us to explore the notion of moving beyond conflicts and transforming the
misunderstandings that have arisen as a result of our differences. It is time for us to move
beyond this cycle of misunderstandings and differences and strive towards creating a world
that is free from the shackles of conflict.

Throughout history, conflicts have been a common occurrence, often carried out in the
name of peace. These conflicts have led to wars, caused suffering, and created a chain of
misunderstandings that have resulted in a sense of division among us.

As the great philosopher Aristotle once said, "It is not enough to win a war; it is more
important to organize the peace". It is time to work together as a global community and
usher in an era of egalitarianism and economic sustainability with the collective effort of the
global community. It is only when we can see each other as equals and work towards a
common goal that we can bring about true change.

The theme of this year's conference is centred around the idea that we can transcend
conflicts by transforming challenges. Despite our differences in culture, language, and
beliefs, we are all humans at the end of the day. It is this shared humanity that we must
focus on, rather than our differences, to be able to build a sustainable future for ourselves
and our future generations.

As future leaders, it is crucial that you understand the importance of embracing diversity
and inclusivity. In today's globalized world, it is impossible to exist in a bubble, and it is only
through cooperation and understanding that we can truly thrive. This conference presents
an opportunity for you to engage in meaningful conversations, seek out common ground,
and strive towards finding solutions that benefit us all.

We wish you all the best as you prepare for the conference. Remember that you have the
power to transcend conflicts and transform difficulties through your collective efforts. Let us
work towards a future where peace, sustainability, and equality are the norm.
We hope that the WELMUN 2023 conference will serve as a platform for constructive
dialogue, critical thinking, and global cooperation. We look forward to your active
participation and contributions towards this end.

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Secretary General's Message


Arush Kaintura

It is with great honor that I invite you all to the ninth edition of the Welham Boys’ School Model United Nations Conference. The theme for this conference is ‘Transcending Conflicts to Transforming Conundrums’. The theme reflects the very essence of this day and age, as the world grows closer together, we are in a growing conflict with our contemporaries over our beliefs, morals, ideals, resources, past and future. In such a time it is an imperative for us to go beyond conflicts and set aside our differences in order to join a dialogue. It is when we set aside these differences and try to understand each other, that our differences are reduced to their only reasonable manifestation, plainly thin air. In today’s world we can experiment with this philosophy in an ever so challenging world. As war rages on in Eastern Europe, political turmoil descends upon several established nations, and closer to home we begin to question which path our nation steps forth on, it is important to enter the ever-needed conversation to understand our differences which may be decisive in putting our world to peace.


As an amalgamation of the hard work of eight Secretary Generals before me and another eight sets of Executive Board members before this year’s, I would like to thank my predecessors, seniors and teachers who’ve brought WELMUN ‘23 from paper to reality. The ever so strong Secretariat this year consisting of Trayambak Pathak and Keshav Agarwal is much to thank for the successful planning of this conference.


WELMUN ‘23 this year is a simulation of seven distinct committees that simulate some the most trying and dire challenges from the past and the present which have the force to change and define our future. The success of these committees comes at the virtue of our highly capable Executive Board that has proved itself yet again despite their Secretary General’s trying deadlines.


The singer George Michael in his song Freedom 90’ said “Sometimes the clothes do not make the man”; a thought that has stuck on with me through the years I have been associated with MUNs. We might have grandiose images about the skill we may possess and the countries we represent, but all our inequalities or mindsets cease to exist as we reach the mic on the dais. May all these inequalities disappear yet again as we continue to voice our hearts and minds. No more than nine years ago a set of young Welhamites began the first edition of WELMUN and over the last decade it has grown to what it is today.


Best Wishes & Warmest Regards

Arush Singh Kaintura

Secretary General

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