Principal's Message

2021- we encounter a world still grappling with the pandemic and we continue to adjust to Normalis Novum, the new normal.  Welcome to the seventh edition of the Welham Boys’ Model United Nations Conference and the second virtual one!

We look forward to an exciting opportunity for the participating delegates to foster dialogue on creating change and building peace worldwide.   WELMUN will challenge delegates to parley on the myriad global concerns, to draft resolutions in response to the problems, and collaborate with others who are just as motivated and passionate in bringing about the change. It would be a platform to debate upon vital concerns, negotiate and form resolutions to solve the most pressing world issues.


The new normal promises to change the world like never before, to look at new ways to face novel challenges, it seems that with the virus the world has mutated too and is morphing into Normalis Novum; this is the opportunity to look at issues through a brand-new looking glass. 


Since we last met, the world has faced many changes- new regimes, new governments, new wars, new strife, hunger, poverty and deaths. Yet Hope still springs like ‘the thing with feathers that perches in the soul’. This hope must rest on the strength of honest conviction for justice, peace and brotherhood as answer to human suffering; towards quest for genuine answers for equity and balance. 


The conference would have several sessions specially designed to address sensitive political issues of today so that delegates can get to know about the current global situations and strive to find solutions. You are poised to be the next generation leaders of this world. In you lies the power to change the world to be better. Hopefully in the WELMUN you would find your raison d’etre, something that would improve the lot of society and you would discover the strength and voice to inspire others to make a real difference.


Looking forward to an invigorating convention dedicated to the better future, clara futura.

Good luck and God bless.


Sangeeta Kain



Secretary General's Message

"A man’s reach should extend his grasp, otherwise what's a heaven for?”


As the world shapes to emerge from the shadow of this deadly pandemic, we can see

that brighter days lie ahead. And as the world starts to rebuild, it feels hopeful to assume that the worst is truly behind us. It is with this spirit of hope that I welcome you all to the Seventh Edition of Welham Boys’ Model United Nations Conference.


This year seven committees, both conventional and unconventional, are being convened to discuss a wide array of topics; from Second Wave of Covid in India to the conflict in Crimea, from weaponization of Artificial Intelligence to the plight of Uyghurs. Joint Crisis Committees are also being convened; frozen in the height of the Cold War, American and Soviet cabinets would have to navigate the course of their respective nations while desperately trying to avoid the ultimate landmine of nuclear armageddon. 


Although this year the conference would be held online, we would ensure that even though you all are physically not present with us, we provide you with the best possible experience of a Model UN. The theme for this year’s conference is Normalis Novum which roughly translates into ‘a new normal’. An apt theme whose undertones we all feel in our lives due to the pandemic. 


We hope that this year we surpass the high standards that each passing edition of WELMUN sets. I can assure you of two days of good debate, learning and fun. Please feel free to contact me in case you have any queries.


Looking forward to seeing you this fall.


Warm regards

Aarav Upadhyaya



Aarav Upadhyaya