Lok Sabha 

(i) The deterioration of political climate in India with special emphasis on Free Speech and Federalism

(ii) Second wave of COVID - 19 

Dear Delegates,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the Lok Sabha at the seventh edition of WELMUN.

As the rest of the world gradually recovered from devastation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, India plunged deeper into it due to a Second Wave of COVID. India was one of the worst affected countries in the world; add to this devastation a system that was not equipped to handle the crisis and we saw levels of misery not seen before. Thus, naturally, one of the topics to be covered is the second wave of Covid-19. 

As for our primary agenda, our focus would be on free speech and expression as well as federalism. India has a long history of quelling uncomfortable voices. From the British jailing freedom fighters under draconian laws to the dark days of the Emergency; India has had a tainted track record. Therefore this would be an important point of debate. Secondly, we would also discuss the new Farm Laws with the lens of federalism.

The lingering effects of the Second Wave coupled with political upheaval due to the Farm Laws have necessitated the need for collective action. I hope that the delegates will have a solution-oriented approach which will culminate in a successful session overall.

I will be assisted by Arya Raj Singh and Rudraksh Mehta in the capacity of Directors, Ayushman Tiwari as the Joint Director and Trayambak Pathak as the Rapporteur.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any queries.

Looking forward to seeing you in action,

Aarav Upadhyaya

Speaker - Lok Sabha 

Secretary General - WELMUN’21



Aarav Upadhyaya


Rudraksh Mehta


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Aayusman Tiwari

Joint Director

Trayambak Pathak


United Nations UNGA-1: Disarmament and International Security Committee 

Weaponization of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on international security 

Dear Delegates,


It is my utmost pleasure and honour to welcome you to the Disarmament and International Security Council at WELMUN '21. We have Arnav Goel as the Director, Yuvraj Gambhir and Srijit Bannerjee as the Joint Directors and Bimarsh Jha as the Rapporteur, making up the Executive Board alongside me.


The magnitude of the global crisis, that arose due to the pandemic, forced countries to adopt multilateral cooperation. The Agenda we will be discussing is another threat to international order, and collective action is our only way out. Throughout the course of the committee, we will either expose the transience of modern-day consensus building or discover the scope for global cooperation but, either way, I can promise you the opportunity of a productive debate in a virtual setup.


The Agenda we will be discussing this year is of immense significance to the present day and deals with a danger of vast consequences. While Artificial Intelligence has helped us go leaps and bounds ahead in terms of technology, it can also have dire consequences when not used appropriately. As we progress into the 21st century, there is an emerging technological race and artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming the centre of this global power play that has brought to light numerous potential conflicts. 


While the Agenda offers a broad scope of discussion, I would implore you to keep and express your own thoughts and prepare content heavy speeches highlighting substantiated points. I am optimistic that the committee will be well-researched and that each delegate will have something to add to the discussion. I sincerely hope that you have a memorable experience at Welmun ’21.


Best Regards

Hrittvik Moody



Hritvik Moody


Arnav Goel

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Srijit Banerjee
Joint Director


Yuvraj Gambhir
Joint Director

United Nations Security Council

United Nations 
Human Rights Council

(i) The plight of Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of China 
(ii) Addressing Child Labour

Dear Delegates,


It is my utmost pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the Human Rights Council at the seventh edition of WELMUN. To assist me in carrying out the committee are Mitansh Narang as the Director, Divyansh Makheeja as the Joint Director, and Keshav Agarwal as the Rapporteur.


The situation of Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of China and Child Labour are two of the most pressing concerns of the Human Rights Council. Throughout the course of the committee, I implore the delegates to focus on the quality of their content and better elucidate their points in the limited time frame instead of making a million countless assertions. Our primary objective is to understand the issues at hand and come up with practical solutions keeping in mind the current global situation.


The Human Rights Council is responsible for strengthening human rights all over the world and addressing issues of international human rights violations. Both issues that are to be discussed are highly sensitive and significant today. Thus, we expect delegates to be well versed with their country stances and maintain diplomacy at all points during the conference. 


I implore each and everyone of you to go beyond the background guide provided and bring original arguments to the committee. I am optimistic that we will be able to maintain a high level of debate and that each and everyone of you will take something meaningful back from the conference.


Best wishes


Aaditya Chandra Gupta




Aaditya Chandra Gupta

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Mitansh Narang


Divyansh Makheeja
Joint Director


Keshav Agarwal

UNSC Logo.png

United Nations 
Security Council 

Addressing the situation in Crimea

Dear delegates,

I am delighted to welcome you to the United Nations Security Council at the 7th edition of WELMUN. The issues at the top of the international community’s agenda stand in stark contrast with the ones we have taken on in the past, in that they demand discussion and deliberation on the part of sovereign countries and their representatives, rather than brute force and sheer military might. It is up to you, then, as said representatives, to confront these issues head-on and to build consensus that has the potential to solve these issues once and for all.

The agenda that the UNSC at WELMUN 2021 will deliberate upon is the ongoing situation in the Crimean Peninsula. It is an issue that has persisted throughout the past decade, and simultaneously one that has grown increasingly relevant today. It demands a great amount of
nuance and research from the delegates.


The background guide will provide an effective foundation for you to construct your arguments and analysis, which you will present in various forms throughout the course of the committee.

I will be aided in handling the committee by Aditya Singh Parmar, Parth Tiwari, and Pranay Singh Dhaka who would serve in the capacity of Director, Joint-Director, and Rapporteur respectively.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate the fact that I value objectivity and rigour over shallowness and bombast. In the UNSC, in particular, semantics and rhetoric must be kept to a minimum. I expect delegates to be well-equipped and ready with an arsenal of arguments, research and analysis.


Warm Regards
Samanyu Malik


Aditya Singh Parmar

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Parth Tiwari
Joint Director


Pranay Singh Dhaka

Soviet Special Advisory Committee (JCC-1)

 The Cold War (Decade of 1960-1970)



Dear delegates,


I am delighted to have the privilege of being your chairperson for the seventh edition of the WELMUN. The Executive Board of the committee this year will consist of Milind Pradyot as the Director, Shubhankar Dhulia as the Crises Director,  Aaryaman Agarwal as the Joint Director, Abhyuday Tulsyan and Aarush Kainthura as the Rappatouers.

These are uncertain times, and the hostility of capitalist nations towards us proletarian states is at an all time high. The very existence of the world is threatened by our unstable opponents, who entrust the key to their nuclear arsenal to a different ringmaster every four years. 

Thus, the purpose of this committee should not be to merely secure a temporary reduction of tensions, but to also draft certain safeguards that will ensure lasting peace, despite the West’s best efforts. Employing international treaties, alliances and other deterrents, I am optimistic that the committee will be able to come up with a novel solution that actively deters acts of aggression instead of passively regretting them.

The delegates are reminded that, considering the size of the committee and the influence of each of its speakers, analysis and argumentation that is presented in the form of a speech will be actively preferred over other, more nondescript, means of communication.

The Executive board hopes that the delegates will consider the actual modus operandi of the Joint Crisis Committee and follow a similar path of action, wherein the stance of the delegates is not the most humane, but rather, the one most suitable to their individual portfolios. Delegates are advised to study the portfolios they represent, and should be able to represent their true positions and ideas rather than sermonise about the inhumanity of armed conflict.

We hope that members of the committee bring original ideas to the table, and that we leave the debate several notches higher than we found it.  Hopefully your experience will be a memorable one. 

Warmest Regards

Mrinank Chander



Mrinank Chander


Milind Pradyot



Aaryaman Agarwal
Joint Director

Abhyuday Tulsyan


Arush Kaintura

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The President's Special Committee on Containing Communism (JCC-2)

 The Cold War (Decade of 1960-1970) 


Dear Delegates,


Welcome to the President’s Special Committee on Containing Communism- one half of the Joint Crisis Committee. This is an era of apprehension and uncertainty as communism makes its way across the globe and the USSR tries to project its foul ideals on the free people of other countries.


As pallbearers of democracy and freedom, it is your responsibility to protect the liberty of those fighting against subjugation by subversive agents of communism. The stakes have never been higher, so tread carefully delegates, as you tackle whatever our adversaries throw at you. The tumultuous times that follow are engrained with treachery, political deadlocks and crises. Your ability to coalesce and find solutions will be tested.



As we enter this era of crisis, this committee shall decide the future of this conflict. To help with that, we have Luv Juyal and Sumer Sodhi serving in the capacity of Directors, Shubhankar Dhulia as the Crisis Director and Vihan Shukla as the rapporteur.



In anticipation,

Viraj Lohia



IMG_5241 (2).jpg
WhatsApp Image 2021-07-20 at 1.37.44 PM.jpeg
2019-08-04 16_56_09.769.jpg

Manas Luv Juyal

Sumer Sodhi

Shubhankar Dhulia 
Crisis Director

Vihaan Shukla

International Press Corps.

International Press Corps

Dear Delegates,


It is with utmost delight that I welcome you all to the 7th iteration of Welham Boys’ School Model United Nations. Samyak Jain, Ujjwal Gupta, Saad Khan and Vanshaj Tandon are on the Executive Board as Director, Art Director and Rapporteurs respectively. 


Your job would be to cover your committees from as much of an objective viewpoint as possible, while always maintaining the highest possible standards of journalistic integrity. Journalism is one of the most impactful and important pillars of the contemporary world. The need for unbiased and efficient reporting has become a necessity—now more than ever, when every day brings in a deluge of fake news. We hope that being a part of The International Press Corps at WELMUN gives you a sense of what ethical journalism looks like since you, as delegates, are expected to report precisely and present an unbiased analysis while complying with deadlines.


IPC has always played a vital role in the functioning of MUNs. This year too, our aim is to make the conference as successful and efficient as possible. 


Looking forward to a pleasant experience!


Warmest regards

Gurkeerat Singh




Gurkeerat Dhadli



Samyak Jain


Ujjwal Gupta 
Art Director


Saad Khan 


Vanshaj Tandon