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Lok Sabha
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Agenda: Deliberating upon measures to counter secessionism in India

Calling upon the House of the People,

India, a holding together nation, witnesses plurality everywhere. We are able to find more
differences than similarities yet we foster fraternity under Indians. These differences have
sometimes also been the cause for division. We shall discuss ways to prevent secessionist 
sentiment(forming separate nations and severing from the existing nation) in the country.

It is a great honour to be the Lok Sabha Adhyaksha at the 9th edition of Welham Model United Nations Conference. I will be assisted by Jaap Sardana as the Vice-Chair, Vihan Shukla as the Director, and Shreyas Shah and Atharva Agarwal in the capacity of Rapporteurs.

This agenda requires the delegates to delve into the heart of the conflict in the regions such as Punjab, Kashmir, Nagaland, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to understand the sentiment and motive of the people while also aiming to neutralise the multiple organisations that continuously fuel these anti-national movements. The delegates will need to take strategic steps to develop a collective feeling as one nation in these regions and come together.

Hoping for a solution-oriented debate by leaving the discussion two notches higher than we found it, culminating in an overall successful session. A momentous experience awaits you.

In expectancy of your endeavour,

Trayambak Pathak
Speaker - Lok Sabha
Director General


Trayambak Pathak

Atharva Agrawal.JPG

Jaap Sardana
Vice Chair

Vihan Shukla

Shreyas Shah
Atharva Agarwal
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United Nations Security Council 

It is a great honor to be the chairperson of the United Nations Security Council. Along with me, Atharva Agarwal will serve as the Vice-Chairperson, Jossh will serve as the Director and Ahaan Sparsh and Divij Gupta will jointly serve as the Rapporteurs.


Before delving into the committee, itself, here’s a little bit about myself. I am a Class 12 Humanities student and I am keenly interested in current affairs with particular emphasis on the international stage. My post school endeavors lie in studying the field of International Relations, International Law and Diplomacy. Within school, I am the president of the MUN society as well as a senior editor for the school’s political journal, The Politicia. I am an avid cricket player and a serial binge-watcher dramas who enjoys meeting other people and sharing experiences.


The agenda for this year’s Security council is the 1991 – Kuwait Crisis. As the name suggest our committee will be set to the year 1991, where Iraqi forces have annexed Kuwait under the regime of Saddam Hussain. It is up to the committee and its delegates to guide the gulf and the world to peace.


Delegates are expected to have a humanistic outlook to the topic being discussed and the people whose daily lives, families and livelihoods are affected by the change in political and military forces in the region.


At this juncture, the Executive Board expects delegates to engage with each other in search of a common ground yet adhering to their foreign policy. It is important to remember that for a meaningful solution, sacrifices are bound to happen as they have time and time again.


To conclude this message, I hope that this committee embodies the spirit of the idiom ‘The Night is Darkest Before Dawn’. May the tension of the crisis usher in a time of reform and political upheaval.


Warmest Regards

Arush Singh Kaintura

Chairperson – UNSC

Arush Kaintura_edited.jpg

Arush Kaintura

Aahan Sparsh

Atharva Agarwal
Vice Chair


Divij Gupta

United Nations Human Rights Council

Agenda: Myanmar military coup crises and its adverse effects on Myanmar with special emphasis on the Rohingya population.


Dear delegates,

On behalf of the Welham fraternity, I warmly welcome you to the ninth edition of Welham
Boys’ School Model United Nations. I am Keshav, a commerce student from Class 12. I will also
be serving as the Under Secretary General in this year’s edition.

Every edition of WELMUN always brings something constructive for each of us. With this
edition as well, we hope to go a notch above by making the lives of many, a little better. To
assist me, are Tanay Pratap serving as the Vice Chair, Virat Singh and Kartik Goyal as Directors
and Vedant Singh as the Rapporteur.

Over the years, the United Nations Human Rights Council has somewhat gained power and
fame pertaining to the issues that have questioned or undermined the basic rights of humans.
Though the world has been making progress at its own pace, it has been constantly ignoring
the security of rights of people belonging to lower classes especially women and children,
something towards which the committee focuses to work on.

This year the committee’s main focus will revolve around the Myanmar crisis. Nearly two years
on from Myanmar’s brutal military coup against the democratically elected government, the
country has sunk deeper than ever into the crisis, undergoing a wholesale regression in human
rights. By nearly every feasible measurement, and in every area of human rights – economic,

social and cultural, as much as civil and political – Myanmar has profoundly regressed. The
military has imprisoned the entire democratically elected leader of the country since the 1st of
February 1.2 million Burmese internally displaced, and over 70,000 have left the country. But
the atrocities don’t end here, hundreds of thousands of terrified Rohingya refugees began
flooding onto the beaches and paddy fields of southern Bangladesh since August 2017, who’ve
suffered decades of sustained persecution and attacks with the majority being children. Most
Rohingya have no legal identity or citizenship in Myanmar like they had before in places such as
Rakhine State of Myanmar.

With military motives unclear, we believe that the agenda needs more discussion. Seeing the
seriousness of the issue, we eagerly wait for the delegates to break down the issue and bring in
a set of permanent solutions to it.

With this, I wish you all the best for this year’s edition!

Warmest Regards,

Keshav Agarwal
Chairperson - UNHRC

Keshav Agrawal.JPG

Keshav Agarwal

kartik eb.JPG

Tanay Pratap
Vice Chair

Virat Singh

Vedant Singh

Kartik Goyal


United Nations UNGA-1: Disarmament and International Security Committee 

Agenda: Regulation of Nuclear Policies and the Countries Monitored by the NPT.

Dear Delegates,

It gives me great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the WELMUN Disarmament and International Security Council. While I start writing this, I’m reminded that this is the final stage of this diplomatic journey of mine. Before I move on with everything related to the conference, I’d like to introduce my executive board, along with myself. I will be playing the role of the Chairperson, along with Bimarsh Jha in the capacity of Vice-Chairperson, Sabhya Malik in the capacity of Director, Siddhsavir Batra in the capacity of Joint Director, and finally, Samarth and Yash in the capacity of Rapporteurs.

I started with this form of diplomatic excellence back in grade 10, and it has given me a lot more than I could have asked for. I am overjoyed to have been given the opportunity to serve as Chair DISEC at WELMUN’23. Before I get into the agenda, I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself and the work ethics I promote. I like to write, I believe in the content-heavy presentation of work, and along with being the Chairperson for this WELMUN, I’m also the Editor-in-Chief of the School's Flagship Publication, the Oliphant.

Let’s come to the real game. The agenda for the DISEC this year is "Regulation of Nuclear Policies and the Countries Monitored by the NPT.' The NPT is a landmark international treaty whose objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament. 

The Treaty represents the only binding commitment in a multilateral treaty to the goal of disarmament by the nuclear-weapon states. A total of 191 states have joined the treaty, including the five nuclear-weapon states. More countries have ratified the NPT than any other arms limitation and disarmament agreement, a testament to the treaty’s significance.

The agenda follows the regulation of the policies made around nuclear weapons, with 191 countries being a part of the treaty. What would the regulation mean here? It will not just be the usual control of the use of weapons but the productive ways in which we can change, and take forward the system. It will be interesting to see delegates enter the debate over this, and defend their stances with utmost dedication. I must say that a debate over this would open a lot more windows for deliberation.

I expect the delegates to have done proper research, and to not lack in content. Background guides are for a head start, not the whole purpose of them. I hope this settles in so that we see a high-level debate in the committee. 

I sincerely hope each one of you has an amazing time here at WELMUN’23.

Asking for a little, hoping for much. Best wishes. 

Pranay Singh Dhaka 



Pranay Singh Dhaka


Bimarsh Jha 
Vice Chair

Sabhya Malik


Siddhsavir Batra

Samarth Agarwal
Yash Jalan

Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Dear Delegates, 

It is with utmost delight that I welcome you all to the 9th edition of the Welham Boys’ School Model United Nations conference, it is a great honour for me to serve as the Chairperson of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) at WELMUN’23.


This conference contains a lot of emotions for it is my last WELMUN. Alongside me, we have Gagan Agarwal as our vice chair, and Ashaaz Ansari & Ishaan Agarwal as our Directors. Lastly, Krishna Poddar & Vishrut Khanna as our rapporteurs, making up the whole Executive board.


Before we move into the happenings of the Committee, I’d like to tell you a little about myself: I am a 12th-grade student with the commerce stream. Apart from my keen interest in the Business world and General Affairs, I also follow politics and sports actively. On the Co-Curricular front, I am fond of  Music, Chess, writing and MUN-ing. Apart from this, I enjoy playing all sports and I find myself good at Swimming, Athletics and Hockey.

I am Looking forward to meeting you all.


The Committee will enter debate over the Agenda,


  • Redressing political disturbance in present-day Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem 


At present, the conflict continues to be a persistent issue with an increased spark between both communities, what started off as small riots and protests have now transformed into increasing conflicts. Which caused both parties to aggravate violence and launch raids on the opposition parties. 


This agenda touches upon a delicate issue that in my opinion, will require decisive thinking; and thorough reading. It would require an understanding of the historical backdrop of these too. Moreover, I want all delegates to remember that in the end more than the style and the manner, it is the content and the diplomacy that matters in a Model UN Conference. 


​Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any queries.

I sincerely hope that you have a memorable experience at WELMUN ’23 


Best Regards,

Tejas Agarwal

Chairperson - Special Political & Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)


Tejas Agarwal

Ishaan Agrawal_edited.jpg

Gagan Agarwal
Vice Chair

Ashaaz Ansari

Eshaan Agarwal

Vishrut Khanna

Krishna Poddar

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United Nations Women


Dear Delegates,

It is indeed an honour to serve as the Chairperson of the United Nations Women at
WELMUN’23. Alongside me, we have Divyam Duggal serving as the Director and Shubh Tandon as the Rapporteur who will constitute the Executive Board of United Nations Women.

United Nations Women has been entrusted with the duty to empower women of all sections of
society. Irrespective of global location, this organization has persistently endeavoured to devise
equitable solutions for women and fortify those struggling against oppression. Keeping in mind
the purpose of UN Women and recent incidents, we have resolved to adopt the following agenda:
Deliberating upon infringement of Women’s Rights in the Middle East Region.

It is incumbent upon UN Women to render aid to the women of the Middle East in their plight
against the heinous atrocities that have besieged them for a considerable duration of time.
Notably, several incidents have surfaced of late, casting light upon the fragile state of the social
fabric in the Middle East. The collision of divergent ideologies has invariably precipitated
profound strife, thereby impinging upon the very foundation of the social order.

Throughout the proceedings of the committee, it is expected from delegates to come up with heavy
content speeches to deliberate upon the issue at hand with utmost sincerity. I hope the committee
ends up with constructive solutions strong enough to have a positive impact on the lives of the

I am optimistic that each delegate will be well-researched and have something substantial to
contribute to the committee. In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Best Regards,
Rakshit Khurana


Divyam Duggal


Shubh Tandon

International Press Corps.

International Press Corps

Dear delegates,

With great pleasure, I welcome you to the Press of the ninth edition of Welham Boys’ School Model United Nations Conference.  This year, as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Press Corps, I’m pleased to have an amazing team of people as Shrey, Keshav, Tanveer and Chirag as the Senior Editor, Creative Directors, and Rapporteur respectively.

I’m a humanities student and I’m enthusiastic about international affairs, journalism, history, finance and linguistics- interests that are very typical of an IPC Chairperson, you may wonder. I am also the Editor-in-Chief of The Politicia- the school’s political magazine.

The Press is a critical part of WELMUN, like it is of any other model UN conference. With time, the Press has evolved to become the epitome of freedom and the voice of the people. It is the International Press Corps that, at the end of the day, delivers the proceedings of the committees to the people and acts as their voice. The journalists are, therefore, going to play a vital role in the conference. The ideal journalist who showcases the traits of an impartial and unbiased reporter committed to serious journalism is what this conference and this committee look for.

I hope this committee will help you realise both the power and the importance of the ink, or the keyboard for that matter.

We are excited to have you at Welham.

Best Wishes and Warmest Regards,
Aryaman Yadav,
Editor-in-Chief- IPC


Aryaman Yadav


Shrey Sai.JPG
Keshav Rungta.JPG

Shrey Sai Vats
Senior Editor

Keshav Rungta
Creative Director

Chirag Bhargava

Tanveer Singh
Creative Director

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