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United Nations Security Council 

Dear Delegates!

It is indeed an honour for me to serve as the Chairperson of the United Nations Security Council at WELMUN’22.

Along with me, Vishal Gupta will be serving as the Director of our committee, Arush Kaintura as the Joint Director and Atharva Agarwal will be the rapporteur for the committee.


Before moving into the intricacies of the committee, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself:

I am a grade 12th Humanities student. Academically, I am particularly interested in International Relations and Politics alongside a keen interest in Philosophy and Public Policy. On the

co-curricular front, I am a part of the school’s MUN-ing team, English Debating team, the Director of Welham Newz and the Organiser of TEDxYouth@WBS. Apart from this, I also serve as the Senior Editor on all the editorial boards of major publications at Welham. Back home, I enjoy playing golf and going horseback riding, travelling and the prospect of meeting new people is something I always look forward to.


The agenda for the session of the Security Council is:

- Examining the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict 


This agenda touches upon an issue that in my opinion, will require decisive thinking; and thorough reading, because coming to a plausible solution won’t only deal with the current situation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, instead, it would require an understanding of the historical backdrop of these too. Moreover, I want all delegates to keep in mind that in the end more than the style and the manner, it is the content and the diplomacy that matters in a Model UN Conference because those are the essential skills that one needs for making it to the top in the 21st Century.

In the committee, delegates are expected to exhibit high standards of diplomacy, collaboration and innovation as these are core values of a Model United Nations conference. It is imperative for you as delegates to not lose the true purpose of the conference which is to empathise with real-life situations and find solutions for them. I would also want all the delegates to uphold the highest possible standard of debate that is expected at WELMUN, with the involvement of as many delegates as possible. To guide the debate in the right direction and to make the committee more engaging, all the delegates should research to the optimum level.
I assure you apart from having a memorable Model UN experience, you will indeed have the best time of your lives at Welham. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing you in action, this August.


I would like to end with words inspired by one of my better-liked television shows;

‘Winter may always be upon the World, the Night may always be Dark and full of Terrors but the onus of finding Light in the darkest of Caves, in the deepest of Pits, will Always fall on Us’.


Best Wishes and Warm Regards
Shubhankar Dhulia
Chairperson - United Nations Security Council

Shubhankar at the Incredible India Quiz (2).jpg

Shubhankar Dhulia


Vishal Kumar Gupta


Arush Kaintura
Joint Director


Atharva Agarwal


United Nations UNGA-1: Disarmament and International Security Committee 

Dear Delegates,
It is my utmost pleasure and honor to welcome you to the Disarmament and International Security Council at WELMUN. We have Vanshaj Tandon as the Director, Pranay Dhaka and Shivam Rastogi as the Joint Director and Ashaaz Ansari and Jaap Sardana as the Rapporteurs making up the Executive Board alongside me. The Committee will enter debate over, Tackling the emerging threat of biological warfare and bioterrorism with special emphasis on compliance with the BWC.


While we witness the severe damage that a virus - based pandemic can inflict upon the world, the need for improving multilateral framework on combating the dangers posed by unconventional methods of warfare has increased. The World Health Organization defines biological weapons as “microorganisms like virus, bacteria, fungi, or other toxins that are produced and released deliberately to cause disease and death in humans, animals or plants.” These substances can cause large numbers of fatalities in a short amount of time while being difficult to contain and could also result in an epidemic.
The threat of such weapons continues to loom large, and this is especially true in regard to non-state actors obtaining bioweapons, an issue for which a comprehensive solution has yet to be found. In 1975, the ​Biological Weapons Convention​ (BWC) was adopted by the United Nations and reinforced the goals set forth by the 1925 Geneva Protocol.


The BWC has since served as a guiding document on the issue of biological weaponry, and it is considered a legally binding treaty. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to monitor whether a member state complies with the provisions of this treaty. It is also a technical challenge to prove whether their claims on stockpiles of biological and chemical weaponry are actually true. Thus, a substantial part of the discussion should ideally focus on the implementation and universality of the treaties involved.


While the agenda offers a broad scope of discussion, I would implore you to rent your own thoughts with clarity and prepare content-heavy speeches highlighting substantive points. I am optimistic that the committee will be well-researched and that each delegate will have something to add to the discussion.


I sincerely hope that you have a memorable experience at WELMUN ’22.

Best Regards,
Arnav Goel

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Arnav Goel


Vanshaj Tandon 


Pranay Dhaka 
Joint Director


Shivam Rastogi
Joint Director

Ashaaz Ansari

United Nations Human Rights Council


Discussing the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan


It gives me great pleasure to have the privilege of being your chair at the eighth edition of WELMUN. I will be assisted by Maulik Khanna as the Director of the committee. Param Mehta as the Joint Director and Sabhya Malik and Eshan Agarwal as the Rapporteurs.

A land of rich culture, Afghanistan has always been in the limelight and a centre of chaos and conflict. From the Great Game to the Cold war, there has been a constant change of power in the state. Since the US withdrawal, the Taliban currently led byHaibatullah Akhunzada, has taken over the region and has rolled back all the advancements Afghanistan was making in women’s rights and media freedom and has turned the human rights crisis into a catastrophe.

The crux of the debate would be to get to the core of the scenario in Afghanistan and have a solution-oriented debate to tackle the Draconian laws imposed on Afghans and all the atrocities they’re facing because of the ideology of Islamic extremists.

The Agenda offers a wide scope of discussion. I am hopeful that the committee will be well-researched and that each delegate will have a unique perspective to add to the discussion, leaving the session a few notches higher than we found it. I’m positive you will have a memorable experience.


In expectancy of your endeavour,

Trayambak Pathak

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-16 at 7.15_edited.jpg

Trayambak Pathak


Maulik Khanna


Param Mehta
Joint Director


Sabhya Malik


Eeshan Agarwal


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Dear Delegates,

It is my utmost pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime at the eighth edition of WELMUN. To assist me in carrying out the committee are Keshav Aggarwal as the Director, Arjun Arora as Joint Director and Tanay Pratap as the Rapporteur. The Committee will be guided by the following Agendas:


(i) Addressing the situation of narcoterrorism with special emphasis on The Golden Triangle


(ii)Legalisation of Marijuana for recreational purposes

Narco-terrorism has been an area of grave concern for the past 4 decades and has decimated countries, it has also shown an increase in the South-East Asia region for some time now.

Along with that we will also be discussing whether Marijuana should be legalised or not.


Throughout the course of proceedings of the committee, I implore the delegates to focus on the quality of their content and better elucidate their points in the limited time frame instead of making a million countless assertions. Our primary objective is to understand the issues at hand and come up with practical solutions.


For two decades, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has been helping make the world safer from drugs, organized crime, corruption and terrorism. The issue at hand is really sensitive and important. Thus, we expect delegates to be well versed with their country stances and maintain diplomacy at all points during the conference.

I am optimistic that we will be able to maintain a high level of debate and that each and every one of you will take something meaningful back from the conference.


Best wishes,

Divyansh Makheeja



Divyansh Makheeja


Keshav Agarwal

Arjun Arora
Joint Director

Tanay Pratap




Dear Delegates,

It is my utmost pleasure and honour to welcome you to the World Trade Organization at WELMUN 22. We have Raghav Agarwal as the Director, Gagan Agarwal as the Joint Director and Vardan Tyagi as the Rapporteur, making up the Executive Board alongside me.


The impact of rising oil prices, that arose due to the Russian-Ukraine conflict, forced countries to import oil from other sources. The Agenda we will be discussing is another threat to international order and collective action is our only way out. Throughout the course of the committee, we will evaluate possible approaches for the current situation at hand and discover the scope for

global cooperation regarding the same. I can promise you the opportunity for a productive debate in this setup.


The Agenda we will be discussing this year is of immense significance to the present day and deals with the threat for reaching consequences. While oil price rises, inflation on a global scale is rising and if the issue is not addressed properly, it can have dire consequences. As we progress into the 21st century, there are alternative sources of oil, but the demand and need for crude oil can not be eliminated from its roots.  Countries that are at the centre of this oil monopoly has brought to light numerous potential conflicts. 


While the Agenda offers a broad scope of discussion, I would implore you to keep and rent your own thoughts and prepare content-heavy speeches highlighting substantiated points. In conclusion, I want to reiterate the fact that I value objectivity and rigour over shallowness and bombast. I expect delegates to be well-equipped and ready with an arsenal of arguments, research and analysis.


I sincerely hope that you have a memorable experience at WELMUN ’22


Best Regards,

Parth Tiwari



Raghav Agarwal


Gagan Agarwal
 Joint Director


Vardaan Tyagi


All India Political Parties Meet

Dear Delegates,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the All-India Political Parties’ Meet at
the eight edition of WELMUN.
As India entered 2022 with hopes of new beginnings and fresh opportunities, the events that followed were not at all in accordance with what it had planned. Our committee will engage over the following agendas:


(i) Discussion on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) with special emphasis on religious dress
code in public institutions.
(ii) Infiltration of illegal immigrants in India.


The controversy over the hijab (headscarf) began on January 1, 2022, when Muslim schoolgirls
at Udupi Women Pre-University college attended classes wearing hijab. Since then, multiple incidents have taken place all over Karnataka relating to religious dress codes.
We, as a committee plan to link these incidents and ponder over the possibility of the enforcement of Uniform Civil Code which, some say, will prove to be an effective solution to this problem. The concept that religious morality should be separate from secular law lies at the heart of this debate. As for our secondary agenda, our focus would be on the Infiltration of illegal immigrants in India. Bangladesh allegedly continues to be the main source of infiltrators into India. These ‘immigrants’ are not only infiltrating West Bengal but are gradually gaining control over it.


The AIPPM Committee, unlike the other conventional MUN committees, is characterized by unrestricted political debate, cross talks, and high levels of negotiations focus on emulating political realities by bringing to light various layers of polity and governance in India. The executive board this year expects nothing but fierceness, excitement and quality of debate from each and every delegate. I hope that the delegates will have a solution-oriented approach which will culminate in a successful session overall. I will be assisted by Arham Jain in the capacity of the Director, Kartik Krishan Aggarwal and Rakshit Khurana as the Joint Directors and Pranjal Balluni as the Rapporteur.
​Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any queries.


Looking forward to seeing you in action,

Best Regards,​
Aayusman Tiwari
Chairperson- AIPPM

Under Secretary General - WELMUN’22


Aayusman Tiwari


Arham Jain



Rakshit Khurana

 Joint Director


Kartik Agarwal
Joint Director


Pranjal Baluni

International Press Corps.

International Press Corps

Dear Delegates,
It is with utmost delight that I welcome you all to the 8th edition  of Welham Boys’ School Model United Nations conference. Agastya Raj Pahwa, Aryan Tibrewal and AryamanYadav are on the Executive Board as Director, Art Director and Rapporteur respectively.

Your job would be to cover your committees from as much of an objective viewpoint as possible, while always maintaining the highest possible standards of journalistic integrity. We are sure that it is in your inherent knowledge, that journalism is one of the most potent and impactful tenets of the contemporary world. Establishment of public opinion as an authoritative critique and its aftermath has created a dimension that has changed the course of history as we know it. The need for unbiased and efficient reporting has become a necessity—now more than ever, when every day brings in a deluge of fake news. We hope that being a part of The International Press Corps at WELMUN gives you a sense of what ethical journalism looks like since you, as delegates, are expected to report precisely and present an unbiased analysis while complying with deadlines.
IPC has always played a vital role in the functioning of MUNs. This year too, our aim is to make the conference as successful as possible.
Looking forward to a pleasant experience!

Warmest regards
Mohammad Saad Khan
Editor-in-chief- IPC


Mohammad Saad Khan


IMG_2956 (2)_edited.jpg

Agastya Raj Pahwa


Aryan Tibrewal
Art Director


Aryaman Yadav

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