Kamera Obscura

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video though, much more. In the manifestation of this credo, Welham Boys' is proud to introduce 'Kamara Obscura' a photography and filmmaking conclave as a separate event that will be co-hosted along with our WELMUN conference. A two-year-old addition to the WELMUN, Kamara Obscura extends the fervour of photography and filmmaking at Welham, to participating schools. Reputed for our tasteful and professional in-school news bulletins called 'Welham Newz', we are proud to play host to photographers from schools across the country. Kamara Obscura as a conference is special in so many ways. This one-of-a-kind conclave is the first photography conclave in our circuit. It grew out of the vision of our Principal for a conducive space for photographers from schools across India and has now established itself as a reputed and a much-anticipated competition. Not being a 'just another' event that schools go to, it is deeply awaited and offers serious learning experiences. Over the course of three days, delegates will engage in expertly planned activities, interact with each other through a host of informal sessions and galas and go back home with moist eyes, a mind full of memories, new friends to catch up to and quite possibly a flashy souvenir. This is also the time of the year to visit Dehradun, where the lingering monsoon and the gentle petrichor will probably shed a tear at us parting.


Come, immerse and inspire your inner photographer at Kamara Obscura, WELMUN.


Eagerly awaiting your presence,

Welham Art School

About the Event

Director of Kamera Obscura

A photograph is worth a thousand words, which gives us an insight into the uncharted world. It transcends the boundaries of nations as well as beliefs.The product holds different meanings for different people and that makes this unique. It is the only universal language of the world. In the absence of photographs, the truth always went to the victors, but photographers have changed that. It is said photographs tell a story, not exaggerated by words nor underplayed with intent, they show the world as it is, leaving you to tell yourself a story. The only decision the photographer can make is to choose this world, or a piece of it that he or she chooses to display. Do you choose to show what has been overlooked or capture what hasn’t ever been seen is the choice that shapes your story. Whatever you choose, or not choose, remember just one thing; it is your story. It is with this thought in mind that Welham Boys’ School has taken the initiative to host the Second edition of Kamera Obscura.

Apart from photography, the event also provides students interested in the art of film-making a platform to express their ideas that cannot otherwise be expressed by the mere use of words. It is evident that a lamp cannot make everything visible in the dark, and it is our objective to motivate the film-making community to expose everything that is not made visible by that lamp.

In the second edition of Kamera Obscura it is expected that the participants use ideas that are out of the box. Everyone can follow the rules as easily as they can pick up a camera. If you are capturing a dance of light that shall never repeat itself in all eternity, then might as well try something you have never tried before. Awaiting the sweet should of your shutter.


Vedant Singh

Head of Kamera Obscura

Head of Media

My journey as a photographer started when my dad first ​handed me a camera with the advice to ‘get close and don’t take too many photos!’. Just like​ ​all children, I looked at it curiously and wanted to know more about it. ​Street photography was a way to explore my neighborhood and familiarize myself with an environment that was equally mysterious and—at the time— familiar. Photography has opened a floodgate of learning—the power of human connection to create better work; how I miss the smallest of details in the moment and notice it like a grammatical error two days later; the ravishing beauty of color and symmetry; and perhaps above all, myself and all of my insecurities, predispositions, hopes, and dreams. The whole point of photography for me is to ‘tell a story’.​The biggest problem with photographers these days is that their photos don’t know what they want to say.

A friend once told me that the reason he loves photography was that beauty is ephemeral, but memories aren’t. We all seem to be so obsessed with beauty, never realising what it actually means. Of all the photographs that have moved me, I don’t remember the perfect lighting, the right angle or the lucky frame but the memory of the beautiful story it told me.

I was as overwhelmed by this power to preserve a moment of beauty forever as a child when life was largely characterised by moody tantrums and transitory passions. Yet this power continues to fascinate me and in this second edition of Camera Obscura I invite you to realise the power you hold in your hands.


Aryan Singhal

Head of media

Assistant Head of Photography

My love affair with photography began when I was enrolled at a photography workshop in my hometown Lucknow when I was only 11 years old, clicking photographs in and of the truest culture gullies of India. Soon I was hooked; when I saw my first photograph emerge from the developer it was magical. This excitement continues to this day. I love seeing the wonderment and joy of students who also experience this unique thrill in the darkroom. It feels like only yesterday that we had the first edition of Kamera Obsura. As the Assistant Director of Photography, I am proud to introduce the second edition of Kamera Obscura at Welham Boys’ School. For any photography competition, the real triumph lies in the level of competitiveness amongst the participants and I hope we may be able to ingrain the desire to capture, the moments in life that captivate and inspire you.


Shashwat Bansal

Assistant Director Of Photography

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