United Nations Security Council

United Nations 

Security Council

Weaponisation of Artificial Intelligence with special emphasis on Lethal Autonomous Weapons.

Humans have a peculiar affliction to create means to destroy the world even before they can finish rebuilding it. I ascribe this incorrigible behaviour to our supposed sense of security in power. Although, powerful men of the past have put in place mechanisms to save the millions who are always caught in the crossfire, what happens when the same source of power falls in the wrong hands.  

The United Nations Security Council is capable of being the most effective organ and has in the past assumed that role. Yet retrospectively, it has habitually retaliated and rectified but seldom restrained a breeding catastrophe. I accredit this shortcoming to our qualms about coalescence. 

So let us come together with open minds and wider arms to bring peace as prosperity to our nations before our belligerent ambitions turn us to ashes. To help us with that, we have Anish A. Prasad and Sannidhya Aggarwal as joint directors and Aarav Upadhayay as the rapporteur. 

I present the fifth edition of the United Nations Security Council of WELMUN.


In anticipation,

Shresth Toshniwal


United Nations Security Council


United Nations Security Council

United Nations 

UNGA-1: Disarmament and International Security Committee

Countering Terrorism with emphasis on preventing financing, arms trade and enhancing international regulations.

Challenges of deepening and sustaining democracy in developing countries, with special emphasis on Hybrid Regimes and Competitive Authoritarianism

Dear Delegates,


It is my utmost pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the Disarmament and International Security Committee at WELMUN ‘19. This year along with me, Sanshray Ghorawat will be the director of the committee, accompanied by Kartik Tripathi as the joint-director and Shubhankar Dhulia as the rapporteur.


As you may have realised, both agendas focus on uprooting the problem from its very core. It is my personal belief that, if we work on eradicating the problem from the very root, then helps us preserve, and judiciously use all the resources that we would usually waste on countering these problems after they become mainstream issues. Therefore, in order to actually, foster fraternity in this fractured world more effectively, I would request, that you, like all diplomats and delegates, act as responsibly. We expect the committee to be well researched and to keep their own thoughts above all. Remember delegates, you drive the committee and hence, above all the diplomacy and the role-playing that you do in committee, DISEC will eventually need your ideas and your dedication above all.


Delegates, I sincerely hope that DISEC is a memorable experience for you, and you go back with a lot of learning and memories. My final piece of advice to you would be to be engaged delegates, not just well-researched delegates, because for any discussion to be successful, engagement and content has to go hand in hand.


In anticipation of your acquaintance this August!


Best Regards


Chirag Bansal




United Nations Security Council

United Nations 

Human Rights Council

The imposition of formidable executive power amidst the escalating crisis of the Corona virus

An elaborate study on the use of coercion for social discipline, emphasizing on the Chinese social credit system.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Along with WELMUN’s fifth edition, this year also marks the fifth edition of the ECOSOC at WELMUN. The ECOSOC targets agendas pertaining to economic and social matters. This year, we plan to take the committee to another level.


The first agenda focuses on Africa, a continent which has come under the global spotlight again. Various countries like China, Russia, France, India and Japan are heavily investing in the continent, trying to capitalise on its developing population. There is a widespread investment in infrastructure, the creation of new markets and the promotion of consumerism in the continent. Despite this heavy investment aimed at development, some are worried about the ‘debt-trap policy’ that China has been accused of. The second agenda focuses on one of the key responsibilities of the ECOSOC: implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. It focuses on various pivotal goals that are crucial for development such as healthcare, education, employment, and others.


This year we plan to discuss comprehensive issues. I urge all the delegates to be thorough with the committee’s mandate for the proceedings and the topics. We look forward to seeing the level of debate skyrocketing with multiple layers of analysis and logic in the argumentation put forth, along with extensive research to substantiate it. Please feel free to approach me if there are any queries. 


Best of luck and see you this August!


Aryan Garg 

Chairperson ECOSOC




United Nations

Office of Drugs and Crime

Disrupting the supply lines for the International Drug Cartels.



Greetings delegates,


As the chairperson of the United Nations Women, I welcome you to the fifth edition of the Welham Boys’ Model United Nations. This is the very first time that we are orchestrating this committee and hope to make this an enriching experience for the delegates as well as ourselves.


United Nations Women, the entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, is a global champion for women which was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide. 


UNCSW’s 63rd session, which focuses mainly on the Beijing declaration determined to advance the goals of equality, development and peace for all women, everywhere, in the interest of all humanity .It also addresses social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality, the empowerment of women and girls, and women empowerment and the link to sustainable development.  The second agenda thereafter addresses a more sensitive issue; the health and reproductive rights. Delegates are expected to think of solutions to eradicate this problem taking into consideration the different beliefs of people all across. In the end I would like to wish you all the best of luck. 


Best wishes,

Aryan Kathuria


Lok Sabha

All India Political Parties Meet

Discussing the implementation of the Population Control Law.

Reviewing the Citizenship Amendment Act along with the prospect f a nationwide NRC and the NPR.

The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, a subsidiary body of the UNSC, holds great relevance in these direful times with so many countries ravaged by war and a myriad of ensuing problems. Primarily established for post-war reconstruction, it is responsible for establishing sustainable peace in such regions. One such region is the Sahel, a Central African territory hit by a humanitarian crisis since 2012, which has now become a complex intertwined web of problems ranging from a food to a refugee crisis. 


Delegates, you hold the resources to wipe out the misery of thousands living in the Sahel Region. You have the ability to make sure that a struggle for power never begins. You have the power to give all those refugees a home. Well, the question is “What are you going to do about it?”


I would encourage the delegates to engage in fierce backroom negotiations, bring out disruptive communiqués apart from debating out their perspective in formal sessions and come up with solutions that are creative and pragmatic. Perhaps, our joint effort may turn out to be the only answer to an otherwise deteriorating problem.



Ujjwal Goenka 







Congo War Cabinet

Reviewing the sedition laws of India

Implementation of Article 44 of the Indian Constitution.


Greetings Delegates,


It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the All India Political Party Meet, at the 5th simulation of Welham Boys’ School, Model United Nations. This year is a climax of many political showdowns, and we are expecting groundbreaking debating and excellent negotiation on display.


The only religion of mankind is, and always has been, Hope. As the world’s largest religiously pluralistic and multiethnic democracy we have experienced high levels of religion-related social hostilities over the past decade. Thus, the rhetoric to be debated will be-  can India afford to take in more 'Sarva Dharma Samabhava' (embodying the equality of the destination of the paths followed by all religions), as it has done for many years? Or, should it now move towards implementing a Uniform Civil Code in national interest? We, the people’s representatives have to decide. Our past has been stained by the overextension of state power into matters of religion. Sometimes it has been for the good, but most of the times it was simply unrequired.


Plagued by the cries of those who have been oppressed for time immemorial, the sedition laws of India have been met with resentment. Before Independence, this charge was used by the British to suppress the freedom movement. Ironically, the same draconian law has become a tool that the country is now using against its own people. For India, it’s a question of walking the fine line between liberty and security. Tough choices and hard lessons have to be made. This is an issue that has persisted since the inception of this country, and it is imperative to the well-being and progress of this nation that it be reviewed.


Your role, as the leaders of this nation, is to try and reach a collaborative consensus without compromising the core values of your political parties. In a nutshell, thinking empathetically, putting purpose and ethics before profit and personal glory is what India expects.

Welcome to a MUN simulation which will shape a narrative that is inclusive and one that upholds progressive values.


When India speaks the World listens,


Jai Hind,

Naman Kapoor





Council Of Hindustan


Deciding the Future of British India

Discontentment with the present is often aroused due to unfavourable circumstances of the past. It is due to this discontentment, that The Council of Hindustan gives its delegates the opportunity to alter the course of history. Being leaders and revolutionaries, you carry the burden of deciding the future of this nation (that might end up becoming nations) and improve the inhumane conditions under which your people live. In the committee, understanding your portfolio’s leanings will help you decide the way you would want the gruesome circumstances to progress.

The uncertainty of the time under which this committee functions and the ongoing atrocities against the people arising due to the new colonial laws in the 'British India', will urge the delegates to call for unique solutions, and use their influential capabilities to make the council act in their extremist way.

Therein, I welcome you under grim circumstances without false hopes or moral fetters. In this committee, you will encounter crises that will stimulate your baser instincts; so tread cautiously and prepare intensely, for these are treacherous times. The Background guide will help you gain clarity regarding the context of debate in the committee and about the time period it is set in. I also take this opportunity to introduce to you my accomplished colleagues, Harsh Vikram Singh, who is the Director of the committee and Hrithvik Moody, the committee's Rapporteur.


In Anticipation

Shreyansh Jindal


Council of Hindustan    



International Press Corps.

International Press

Greetings Delegates,


It is indeed a privilege to welcome you to WELMUN’ 19 as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Press. 


Though the International Press Corps is an unconventional committee, it has become a permanent feature in most MUNs across the country. IP plays an important role, as it shapes one of the most important forces, Public Opinion. In the modern world, it plays a very active and important role in international politics. Thus, every journalist has the opportunity to be a powerful voice in the international scenario. 


In light of this, every delegate of the International Press has the responsibility to not misuse this power of shaping public opinion and to write an in-depth analysis of their respective committees, but in a concise manner. You will also be expected to interview delegates from the committee that you have been assigned and conduct press conferences. At WELMUN’19, every delegate will be expected to follow the International Code of Ethics for Journalism. 


This time, communique will be an important part of the framework of The International Press Corps as they will be introduced as crisis in other committees. The Executive Board is there to assist you with anything you might want, and we hope to make WELMUN’19 a cherishable experience for you.


Looking forward to seeing you in August.



Sarthak Tayal





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